Recycling Dumpster Rental Terms



Prior to debris bin delivery you must read the terms and accept terms at the end of our use terms.

We Need Your Help to Make Recycling Work

If you ordered recycling Debris Bins/Truck Bins you are saving money and helping the environment. However, only the materials specified below my be put into a recycling Debris Bin/Truck Bin.  If other materials are discovered the rates will divert to our standard rates, which will be higher.

Please note: In some cities we can only provide recycle Debris Bins/Trucks and we will not be able to pick up Debris Bins/Trucks sold as recycling units but filled as general debris.

Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins ordered for recycling materials must be filled with ONLY ONE specified material. If unspecified materials are found in the Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins you that you rented from 1-877-DUMP-PRO, the following shall apply: The Debris Bin/Truck Bin shall be charged as a general debris box and shall be subject to all associated fees included but not limited to the overweight and or overfilled fees as described herein and on the front of this agreement.

The Maximum Standard Load Weight is:

  • .75 for 4 yards,
  • 1.5 tons for 8 yards,
  • 2 tons for 15 yards,
  • 3 tons for 20 yards,
  • 5 tons for 30 yards,
  • 6 tons for 40 yards, and
  • 7 tons for 50 yards for all Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins.
  • Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins that weigh over the Maximum Standard Load Weight will be charged $125/ton overweight or any portion thereof.
  • Trailers will be charged at a rate of $125/ton overweight or any portion thereof.

Overfilled or Overweight Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins cannot and shall not be transported and you shall be subject to all associated fees!!!

Common recycling Debris Bins/Truck Bins Rental Definitions as described:

Clean Dirt:  No roots, sod, weeds, rocks, concrete, trash, organic, or any other materials allowed.  Overweight charges apply & $60 extra charge for mud per yard.

Clean Concrete: No rebar, wire mesh, trash, organic material, sod or any other material is allowed. Overweight charges apply.

Green Waste:  No trash, dirt, sod or any other materials other than wood, tree trimmings & brush are considered green waste. Overweight charges may apply.

Clean Cardboard Waste: Only Cardboard is allowed. No paper of any kind, No other foreign objects of any kind and No Trash! Cardboard only

Metal Waste: Only Metal shall be allowed to be deposited into a metal wasted Debris Bins/Truck Bins. No other foreign objects of any kind!

 Extra Charge Items:

  • Sofa with a sofa bed $15 each
  • Mattress or Bed spring $15 each
  • Car Tire without rim $10 each
  • Car Tire with rim $15 each
  • Truck Tire without rim $ 25 each
  • Truck Tire with rim $30 each
  • TV or Computer Monitor $ 30 each
  • Medium & Large Appliances
  • Refrigerator or AC Equipment $40 each

***Note*** We do not haul hazardous materials!!! A $295 minimum charge to return hazardous waste will be charged if found in boxes/trucks.

Not accepted for recycle Bins/Trucks are:

  • Hazardous materials including oil, paint, chemicals, asbestos, and any other items described as hazardous under federal, state or local laws are allowed in any quantities
  • Tires or other fee related items  Are allowed in this your rented Debris Bin/Truck Mounted Bin, unless you have written permission from 1-877-DUMP-PRO.
  • Refrigerators (without a CFC removal certificate or unless you have written permission from 1-877-DUMP-PRO).

Again, only the materials specified during your order can be put in recycling bins or truck mounted bins. Please note, that if other materials are placed in the recycling bin it will then become a standard load box, which can be subject to all associated expensive fees including but not limited to overweight and overfill charges.

Debris Bin/ Truck Mounted Debris Bin Rental Time:

  • 120 Hour Rental Periods are for all 6, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 Cubic Yard Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bin Rentals.
  • Additional Rental Days are charged after the 121st  rental hour time period (on the 121st  hour you will be charged at a rate of $30 per hour and no less than $125 per additional day’s use and
  • $425 per additional weeks use of rental.
  • Additional rental time must be scheduled in advance and is contingent upon availability of Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins. With the written approval from 1-877-DUMP-PRO an extra 24 hour rental period(s) or 120 hour rental period(s) may be obtained at the rate of $125. Per day and $425. Per week. Please inquire about 30 day rental rates.

Delivery & Pick-up:

*A minimum of 50 feet of straight line access is required to properly deliver & pickup any Debris Bins.

* * *  * The customer is responsible to ensure there is enough space available for delivery and pickup. Additional deliveries or pickups for any reason shall be charged at $125/each direction (includes trucks in route to your delivery & or pickup)


Debris Bins can and may cause damage to sidewalks, driveways, streets, landscaping, trees, power lines, etc. The customer takes full responsibility for any damage to sidewalks, curbs, driveways, lawns, etc. To aid in preventing damages to your personal property we recommend lying plywood down or other protective material to the area where the Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins will be placed. In addition, we ask that you do your best to remove any obstructions, both on the ground and overhead

Call for Pick-up:

Please call when your Debris Bin or Truck Mounted Bin is full and ready to be picked up. Make sure there are no vehicles blocking the front of the Debris Bin or Truck Bin (the side without the doors). If you do not call we will not pick up your Debris Bin. Once you call for pickup, your Debris Bin or Truck Bin will be picked up within 24 hours and you will not be charged for this time. If you need extra rental days you must notify us at least 1 full business day in advance and is contingent upon availability. * If the Debris Bin / Truck Bin was previously scheduled to be rented, and you have not called to schedule additional rental days your Debris Bin / Truck Bin shall might be picked up after the 121st hour of the rental period or you if you do not call to notify 1-877-DUMP-PRO that you are finished with your Debris Bin / Truck Bin rental you shall continue to be charged for the rental until such time you call and terminate the rental agreement..  * Additional rental days are contingent upon the availability of the Debris Bin / Truck Bin. To ensure you receive any additional rental days needed, please schedule in advance. Customer accepts full responsibility for all Debris Bin / Truck Bin contents while the Debris Bin or Truck Mounted Bin is in customer’s possession and until it is emptied and the contents is determined to be free from all Hazardous Materials or extra charge items


Cancellations must be made 1 business day in advance of your scheduled delivery. An $85 fee will apply to cancellations made on the scheduled delivery or pickup days presuming the truck is not in transit. If the delivery truck is already in transit, you shall be charged our delivery fee of $125 for each direction traveled for a total of $250.

The Customer is fully responsible for all the contents of their rented Recycling Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins.

  • No Tractor Loading. Customer is responsible for damages caused from tractor loading.
  • Do not fill Debris Bin above the sides or marked height at red line for the size rented.
  • Do not load heavy material on top or to one side of Debris Box or Truck Mounted Box, load only from rear entrance. Heavy materials including dirt, gravel, concrete, composition, roofing, sand, etc must be loaded in Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins specified for their weight. Please ask for a Debris Bin or Truck Mounted Bin suitable for heavy materials. With heavy materials, there may be additional weight fees associated with your rental.
  • To place a Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins on the street, required city/county parking permits are the responsibility of the customer. For more information, contact your city’s building department. If the Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins are ticketed, towed or impounded you the renter of such Debris Bins or Truck Mounted Bins are 100% liable for any and all fees associated with any such occurrence.

Recycling Receipts:  Please notify us at the beginning of each job that requires recycling receipts. This helps to ensure that all your recycling needs are met on time. Receipts will be mailed to you upon job completion.

Additional Charge Authorization:

If, as outlined in the above terms additional fees apply, customer authorizes 1-877-Dump-Pro to process the additional charges to their credit card /charge card /account/checking etc… for extra charges/ items and or any fees incurred.

Terms and Service are subject to change at any time without notice!

Customer Acknowledgement:

I hereby confirm that I have read and accept the Recycling Bin/Truck Terms and Conditions

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