Our San Francisco Bay Area Rates:

Our fees listed below include reasonable labor timeframes for loading the truck or dumpster, clean up, and all your waste disposal expenses. Additional labor fees may apply for special projects and or long distances or stairs for loading our truck or dumpster. Our prices may further vary depending upon the weight of your junk and or debris which we are hauling and the prices of your specific county’s waste disposal fees. call us at 1-877-386-7776 provides complete Customer Satisfaction in the highest quality by offering a complimentary broom sweep of the job area after the completion of each job if applicable.

truck load image

truck load priced by volume

Truck/Dumpster Volume pricing for up to 17 Cubic Yards.
Additional CY’s shall be charged as low as $32.00 per CY.
Truck Volume 17 CY’s Rates
Minimum Charge $125 0-1/2 CY
1/8 Load $165
1/6 Load $195
1/4 Load $235 4 CY’s
1/3 Load $285
3/8 Load $315
1/2 Load $345 6 CY’s
5/8 Load $395 10 CY’s
2/3 Load $425
3/4 Load $455 15 CY’s
5/6 Load $485
7/8 Load $515
Full Load $545 17 CY’s

Truck bed load image

Concrete & Brick Bed Load Volume Rates
1/4 $375 Minimum 3 CY
1/2 $625 5 CY
3/4 $945 7.5 CY
Full $1250 10 CY


Dirt & Sand Bed Load Volume Rates
1/4 $435 Minimum 3 CY
1/2 $725 5 CY
3/4 $1095 7.5 CY
Full $1450 10 CY


Dense Material Bed Loads:
call us at 1-877-386-7776 charges for (clean, dry pre-excavated) Dirt at the rate of $145 per cubic yard; Concrete & Brick at the rate of $125 per cubic yard; Gravel & Sand at the rate of $145 per Cubic yard. If excavation is needed, we charge $165. and up per Cubic Yard. Roofing material, and other dense and very heavy materials are based on the bed load and additional weight which shall be determined by our drivers on site or as needed, but shall require additional weight fees.
Additional labor charges:
Additional labor charges shall apply for apartment dwellings, office buildings, and locations that involve unusually long trips to the truck, stairs, staircases, crawl spaces, dismantlement, demolition and or other labor intense situations and or projects. call us at 1-877-386-7776 Terms & Conditions apply.
Additional item charges:
All transfer stations charge call us at 1-877-386-7776 additional fees for mattresses, tires, etc…, which we pass along to you. Mattress fee $25. Tire fee $25-$125 depending upon size and if attached to rim.
Items call us at 1-877-386-7776 does not remove:
Hazardous materials such as paint, gasoline, batteries, fertilizers, cleaners, pesticides, herbicides, oils and anti-freeze, toxic chemicals, asbestos, unknown chemicals, oils, oil drums, and medical waste are all not accepted because of strict laws prohibiting us from doing so.
Additional items while we load:
Customers uncertain about the volume of junk or debris to be removed, can simply point to it or tag it while the crew remains working. Therefore, the final price will be given at the end of the job according to the volume of junk and how full our truck(s) or dumpster(s) are at the end of the job.


Cancellation policy:

Please note: Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance and 4 hours if for same day booking.
All missed appointments or late cancellations shall be charged a $250.00 fee. If you have ordered a dumpster, and wish to cancel, you must do so prior to our truck’s departure & or actual delivery, otherwise the entire rental fee shall be due. If you cancel your dumpster order after it has already been booked, a fee of $250 shall apply and due. If prior, no charge. Upon hire, You agree to call us at 1-877-386-7776 ”DRC” and ALL our Terms & Conditions, which shall apply.